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The Value Membership

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You Win and We Win

What is a Premium Participant?   A premium participant receives a percentage of the company’s post expense revenue for life. There are 10,000 spots. Each spot receives less value as we move to 10,000 spots, because there is less risk as the number of participants rise.  See the current available spot here.

What is the Value Membership Option: We have created this option for those of us humans that want to be Premium Participants but do not have the cash flow to purchase a premium spot.

What do you have to do? Send a one time $10 participation fee through ZELLE or check  to YourPlace.Online (link to on line shop) which will be added to your Dashboard Account.

Create at least $25.00 of value each month for 120 months by using one or any combination of the following:

1) Shop in our Virtual Mall - The company earns commissions from supporting stores.  We return 80% of the commission to you. (Link to Virtual Mall)

2) Enjoy Discounted Gift Cards. We buy gift cards at a significant discount and we split the gain.   For example buy $100 Kohl’s Gift Card for $91.55 an 8.5% savings. If you shop through the Virtual Mall with your gift card, you will receive 2% cash back on your full purchase price. Thereby

3) Buy a subscription to our Contest Subscription Service.   For $10 a month, we will enter you into online sweepstakes and contests with a new email and possibly a new phone number for you.   We submit the entries, check for winners and let you know if you won.

4) Participant in any of our Prescription, Dental or Medical support plans.   (In development, coming soon). Save instantly on prescriptions at your pharmacy, a free program, or participate in a monthly Telemedicine and Dental program for individuals and families. You can enjoy great savings!


5) Know somebody?  Bring another participant onboard and receive a $15 credit to your account.


6) Busy this month - You can pay your fee upfront or the difference, if the earned credits are running short.

What happens if I don't meet the criteria one month?  You will have the option to buy one of our paid premium spots.   If you do not choose to purchase a Premium Participant spot, after not meeting the monthly requirement, you lose your spot and percentage of revenue. Others want your spot.

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