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Our onboarding process is ready to grow to a more professional process.   This page is the place we are going to think aloud to accomplish onboarding 1,000 Premiums a month.   

 Steps necessary:

   1) Organize tracking and management on mall purchases

   2) Prioritize human support personnel (Michele, Teresa, Mike)

   3) Lock down Merchant account to process payments

   4) Develop database location of PP

   5) Leverage social network

Need answers to this:



If a member does not pay the full amount do they lose the spot to a person who does pay the full amount?


If member does not participate do they lose the spot?






We need deep clarification for marketing message on the above questions.  All things will revolve around the dashboard sending people to the dash provide the marketing message with video users interact via instant message and email asking to a fireside chat about DD (video conference) and become PP.  After they become PP we drive full payment and participation with dash board and instant message and again with exciting PP only fireside chats.  


After they start sending DD money we chat about how they need to send it faster and participate more.  Building a legion of believers.   Asking for referrals.   


Think time share sales.  Step 1 Get invited to stay at the resort. Step 2.  See the rooms 3. Go to a seminar to be pitched all the good stuff.  4.  Ask for sale     


We need to move faster

We need to execute the to do lists

We need to establish real bench marks 

We are running out of time



















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