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1) The private Company was created to run into perpetuity as a mechanism to democratically serve its participants and create a process

to preserve humanity. 

2) The vision statement is "Human." meaning Human Period. 

3) The mission statement is "Human." meaning Human Period. 

4) 99% of the post expense revenue (profit) is returned to the participants, .5% of the post expense revenue (profit) is dedicated to preserve

humanity.  .5% goes to the Founder. 

5) The company is designed to be never be sold.  Companies either wholly or partly owned by the Company may or may not be sold to increase value of the Company. 

6) The company actions and directions require approval by Sentinels selected to democratically run the company. 

7) The dealings of the company are private but are fully transparent to the Premium Participants. 

8) The users of the company interfaces fall into two groups: Participants and Premium Participants. 

9) 10,000 Premium Participants share in a permanent percentage of the profits as a reward for purchasing a membership.   The value of the permanent percentages decrease a small amount based on Premium Participant position.   The later Premium Participants accept less risk thus enjoy less reward as the Company grows. 

10) 100% Veteran-owned Company. 

11) The company will continually develop and refine multiple revenue streams wile continually lowering costs. 

12) If a Premium Participant’s account is closed, any refund of initial payment or any payment of undistributed fractional portion are subject to distribution at the Company’s discretion.


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